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"Come on you have to be able to give us something on Black Widow, something no one else knows…" 

Natasha looked up as the talk show host said her name. She’d been absently listening to Clint’s interview, more focused on her paperwork than anything else. It was only on in the background so that when he got home and asked her about it she could say she watched it. 

"Well, I guess I could tell you something since I know Tasha and I know she won’t be watching…" Clint’s mischievous grin graced his face and Natasha crawled closer to the screen. 

"Don’t do it Clint…" She murmured under her breath. 

"She’s scared of spiders. Ironic I know but last night there was the smallest spider you’ve ever seen in the bathroom and she squealed like a little girl."

The audience laughed and Natasha’s eyes narrowed. 

"You are so dead” She murmured to herself, glaring at Clint’s stupid grin on  screen. 

"The widow is scared of Spiders?! Well I’m sure you were there to rescue her!"

"Oh I was. I always am." He nodded, shrugging his shoulders and making some woman in the audience scream. 

"And if she is watching right now?" The host asked Clint, who winced like it hadn’t actually occurred to him. 

"Well… let’s just say I’m sleeping on the couch for the next week." He chuckled to himself. 

"More like the next month." Natasha grumbled, flicking the TV off with a snap.