“Barton look at me.”

The Hawk didn’t look up. He was battered, he was bruised, but worst of all he felt ashamed. He had fucked up tonight. He had almost killed them both. He was so worried about her, so caught up with making sure that she wouldn’t get hurt that he hadn’t been paying attention to his own surroundings. 

“Barton. Look at me.” Natasha’s voice grew more impatient. Like always, she had come out on top, save for the bruised shoulder and scratched cheek. It was like she was invincible. He was sure she thought she was invincible, she certainly acted like it. It stressed him out. 

“I almost got us both killed, Tasha…” He murmured. 

“Clint… Please…” Clint sighed, not looking up. “You didn’t almost kill us. You were doing your job.”

“I was focused on you. Too focused on you. I…”

“You were looking out for me. You’re meant to be focused on me. If you hadn’t have been I would have been screwed.” 

Clint knew she was lying, he always knew when she was lying. But he let her lie. He looked up, studying her for the first time since she had entered the room. He noticed the blonde wig she was wearing for the mission. 

"You’re a hot blonde Tasha… but I definitely prefer the red."

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